Stormy season is here once more. The season when individuals love to rest, eat sustenance’s that warm us particularly bulla which is my most loved incidentally, or hang out with companions on some espresso. In any case, then again, it is likewise the season when mosquitoes duplicate quickly from open and non streaming waters around us. We as a whole know the damage it could bring and one of this is dengue hemorrhagic fever which is exceptionally lethal if treated on the late phase of the ailment. Along these lines, it is essential for us to arm with a little learning about this sort of sickness particularly individuals from the tropical territory. Aedes aegypti, the transmitter of the infection, is a day-gnawing mosquito which lays eggs in clear and stale water found in blossom vases, jars, rain barrels, old elastic tires, and so forth. The grown-up mosquitoes rest in dim spots of the house. There are no particular medicines for the treatment of dengue.

dengue fever treatment

dengue treatment is gone for giving alleviation from the side effects. Keeping up legitimate liquid adjust is urgent. On the off chance that the side effects are extreme, patients can be overseen at home with every day development and rehydration. In the event that the side effects are extreme hospitalization is important. In more extreme cases, the patient should be moved to an emergency unit.  Cover water drums and water buckets constantly to keep mosquitoes from rearing. Supplant water in blossom vases once per week. Clean all water compartments once per week. Scour the sides well to expel eggs of mosquitoes adhering to the sides. Clean drains of leaves and flotsam and jetsam with the goal that rain water would not gather as rearing spots of mosquitoes. Old tires utilized as rooftop support ought to be punctured or sliced to maintain a strategic distance from collection of water. Gather and arrange all unusable tin jars, containers, bottles and different things that can gather and hold water. Cleanliness and early identification of dengue are the best weapons to battle this sort of infection and we should recollect dependably that counteractive action is constantly superior to cure. Counteractive action of dengue relies upon control of mosquito populaces and forestalling nibbles. Open wellsprings of water ought to be disposed of as they are rearing justification for the mosquito. Pesticides and anti-agents ought to likewise be utilized. Defensive garments, particularly when in the open, can be useful in forestalling mosquito chomps.